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We offer a variety of photography classes and workshops taught in a friendly home environment along with outdoor sessions designed to provide hands-on practical experience in the company of professional instructors. Aspiring photographers of all skill levels are welcome, from beginners to professionals.

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Reviews from our students!

Find out what our previous students thought of our photography classes and workshops.
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Sue Wagenar | Tauranga


“It was a privilege to be a part of Coni's Coromandel Experience. It was a fabulous, fun, relaxed learning experience. Being part of a small group Coni was available for help whenever needed. I learnt so much and was able to put new techniques into practice and got to know my camera a whole lot better. The effort and enthusiasm that Coni put in went above and beyond and if you have the opportunity to partake you will not be disappointed.”

Paul Davidson | Tauranga


“Fantastic photography weekend in the Coromandel. Coni put on a great weekend away. Heaps of variety and advice in different photography techniques in a great location. Really well organised. Accommodation and food was great and very well planned. Really practical weekend covering everything from photo technique, editing and even cleaning your gear. Can't wait for the next one.”

Stephanie Martelli | Tauranga


“I super recommend The Wanderer Photographer. Today I had a private photography lessons with Coni. I was just blowing away how coni helped me alot . I have trouble with numbers and understand things. She made everything so much easy for me to understand. I really enjoyed myself. I cant wait to take my camera out and try my new skills. Thank you so much Coni!”

George Gray | Tauranga


“Coni’s astrophotography workshop was a life-changing experience. The succinct theory section teaches you everything you need to know about camera settings and environmental conditions. Afterward the practical session of the course is incredible! I thought it’d take months or years to take great photos of the night sky but Coni’s amazing teaching and choice of nearby dark sky location enabled me to take memorable photos on the first night! I took a fantastic photo of part of the Milky Way galaxy, and the red giant Antares in the Constellation Scorpius; and we ended the night with a moonrise over the ocean. Coni also provides amazing advice on what equipment to purchase. I’m definitely signing on for more of her courses. I’ll always remember this astrophotography course and I have incredible photos to look back on. Thanks Coni.”

Hanna Breslin | Raglan


“Absolutely loved the beginners course I took a few months ago. I had just got a new camera to start practicing photography. The course was gifted to me and wow... I learned so much on that course. Coni was so lovely, she explained everything so easily and made it so much fun to learn! She is really hands on! The notes that she gives you to take home are great reminders for what you learn during the course. There were five people in our group where we all had different cameras, she took the time to make sure we all knew where each setting was on each camera. I have taken two other courses with her privately, Long exposure and editing/Photoshop. Again, she made everything really easy to understand, answered all of my questions and we had a good few laughs! I have no doubt I will be taking more lessons with her in the future.”

Melissa Mae | Tauranga


“I recently took a three hour private session with Coni doing the Learn Photography Workshop. It was the best three hours I have spent in a long time. I had some knowledge about photography already but this workshop, I highly recommend. It was packed full of valuable information, comprehensive, practical and hands-on. Coni understands the learner and the course is structured in a clever way to help you grasp and retain the technical information. It also comes with a brilliant workbook that you keep and can refer to later while practicing your new skills. Coni is a fun, kind, patient and a generous instructor that clearly has lots of experience and passion for photography, that she is happy to pass on. I feel more confident now and am excited to practice and hone my skills. I will also be signing up for some of the more advanced lessons in the future. If you are thinking of taking one of the workshops, don't hesitate, it will be well worth it.”

Chelsea Burrows | Tauranga


“I love Coni’s teaching style! She is super organised and has a lot of knowledge about photography. I’m a very basic beginner and I already feel confident now after only two sessions. I did the beginner workshop and recently the editing one and loved both because they were both super fun and I feel like it was the right amount of information and I didn’t get overwhelmed at all! She’s just amazing I highly recommend for anyone who wants to get into any kind of photography (I’m mostly interested in portrait stuff at the moment).”

Jasmine Tai | Kawhia


“Before the wet weather came pouring in earlier this year, we managed to come together with some local farming wahine and did a photography workshop with lovely Connie from TAURANGA The Wanderer Photographer totally recommend her and her business-we all came from different walks of life and with all our own reasons we wanted learn how to capture moments and memories of our mahi and whanau..... If you're ever thinking of learning how to use a camera with absolutely no experience.. This is the workshop you need!!!”

Paul Houghton | Rotorua


“I recently completed Coni’s “Learn Photography” workshop in Rotorua. I have a relatively good SLR camera, but I had only ever used it in Auto mode to “point & shoot”. I wanted to know how to take better photos, but I didn’t actually know how to use most of the functions on my camera. Educated as a teacher, Coni is a passionate photographer who firstly covers the basics of photography by introducing you to Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, the use of light and how to correctly expose your photos. Utilising your camera, you will shoot photos with your camera as you go to practically apply your learnings . The small classes are great as it allows one on one time with Coni to learn how to use your camera. The workshop is a great beginners class and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is starting out in photography who wants to learn the basics or to take the next step to design and plan their own photos. This workshop is just the beginning, muchas gracias Coni :) ”

Sinead Warren | Tauranga


“Thank you Coni, I totally enjoyed the beginners Photography course Saturday & looking forward to continuing my photography journey with you. Coni is an excellent teacher, very calm & fun, encouraging & she helps you to understand the workings of your camera & helps you gain the confidence & knowledge in yourself to learn from the very start how to become capable & confident in photography. Coni has exceptional photography skills in all areas & has an excellent style of teaching. If you’re a beginner like me or a skilled photographer I Highly recommend “ The Wanderer Photography Workshops”

Rebecca Russell | Tauranga


“What a fantastic way to gather and learn about my camera and the first steps towards real 'photography'. Coni is a brilliant teacher . . her instruction clear and interesting and paced so that there is time for complete understanding without things dragging along. I LOVED IT! Alongside the awesome class was all the 'treats' including cookies, lollies, assorted teas/coffee which bought everyone together so we learned and made friends at the same time. Highly recommended and I am looking forward to my next class!!”

Derek Wagstaff | Tauranga


“I recently attended Conis' Long Exposure course. A great course run by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person. It's inspired me to get out with the camera much more than I was to practice the techniques she taught. And the improvement in my photography is very encouraging. Highly recommended.”

Alicia Tohia | Palmerston North


“The Beginners photography workshop with Coni was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed the home based environment, and I particularly liked the small group setting too. The course and activities throughout the day were very informative and well planned out. I walked away with so much knowledge. This workshop reignited the passion I have for photography and provided me with new skills for my business. Photography is a huge passion for Coni but she also puts everything she’s got into helping her students to. Give it a go! You won’t regret it. You will walk away with a great mentor, friend and amazing skills.”

Heather Otter | Tauranga


“Thanks so much Coni for the beginners course where I learnt how to use my new camera and some wonderful techniques and skills. Coni was very patient with me asking all my questions and very good at explaining how my camera worked. I felt like I learned a lot in the time we had and it was very worthwhile. I enjoyed going out the next day and practicing all the new techniques Coni had shown me. Would highly recommend contacting Coni to anyone who would like to learn how to make the most of their camera, or learn more in depth skills with the more focused classes she also runs, and also be part of a community of other photographers who all share the same passions and interests.”

Judy Moody | Rotorua


“I attended the beginning course run by Coni. She was clear and informative. I arrived knowing very little and left with the understanding of the basics of photography. She has hands-on demonstrations and clear examples. I would highly recommend this to other beginner photographers.”

Liggia Marek | Tauranga


“I attended the beginners workshop and had so much fun and finally learned how to get my camera out of the auto mode! Coni is very knowledgeable, approachable and easy going. Friendly environment, small group and good vibe. I am hoping to attend many workshops in the future and improve my photography skills. Thank you Coni for your reception and the amazing workshop. Well done!!!”

Suz Guet | Rotorua


“A small group of photography passionate people all keen to learn. Coni was so friendly and enthusiastic, and very easy to learn from. A great teacher with visuals and clear instruction, as well as practicals in and out of the classroom. Coni was ready to assist each person with their individual cameras, and was there for everyone during the practicals which were fun and put into practice what we learned.”

Marijke S. | Tauranga


“Coni is a wonderful, engaging, and knowledgeable instructor with an infectious passion for photography. Her small, intimate classes encourage a sense of camaraderie and community amongst budding and seasoned photographers alike. Coni easily adapts to the level of experience of her students while providing guidance and hands-on instruction for each student's specific camera and learning needs. The knowledge and experience she has gained as a professional photographer are apparent in her well-organised classes, each of which focuses on different elements of photography. Coni herself remains readily available throughout the process to answer any questions or queries on an individual basis, ensuring no one is left behind. I have gained far more from the experience than I ever expected and genuinely encourage others to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from a kind, supportive, and knowledgeable instructor.”

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    Coni is a Tauranga-based professional photographer who loves nature, hiking, and travelling. Her combined passions took her across Asia to pursue creative photography projects that were subsequently exhibited in New Zealand.

    An experienced instructor with a teaching background and a bachelor’s degree in primary education, Coni founded The Wanderer Photographer to share her years of experience in photography with those keen to learn.