Introduction to Photography

Unlock the full potential of your camera and elevate your photography skills with our comprehensive online course. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to refine your expertise, this course is meticulously designed to cover every aspect of photography. With over 9 hours of content, carefully crafted example videos, and practical exercises, you can learn at your own pace. The course covers essential topics, from understanding your camera and composing breathtaking shots to capturing sharp images and knowing the right gear for different situations. Plus, delve into basic editing techniques to enhance your photos.



Support Material

We offer 1-year access to this course, along with downloadable worksheets and comprehensive notes to enhance your learning experience. You also have the flexibility to schedule a Q&A session for any lingering questions or opt for an in-person follow-up class in Tauranga, Hamilton, or Auckland. Additionally, we provide the option to purchase handy cheat sheets for quick reference. Your learning journey with us is designed to be as supportive and enriching as possible!


+9 hours of Valuable Content

Unlock over 9 hours of invaluable content! Coni poured her heart and soul into crafting this course, complete with real-life example videos and carefully designed exercises for you to enhance your learning experience.


Learn Basic Editing

This course also covers basic editing, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the essentials of enhancing and perfecting your photos. We do offer a more advanced course for the ones who would like to continue learning editing techniques.


This online course is exclusively designed for beginners who are eager to embark on their photography journey. If you've just started exploring the world of photography or have little to no prior experience, this course is perfect for you. We believe that everyone has the potential to capture stunning images, and our goal is to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to kickstart your photography passion. Throughout the course, you'll receive step-by-step guidance, hands-on practice exercises. Our focus is on creating an easy to follow course with supportive materials where you can learn at your own pace and gain the confidence to unleash your creative potential. But that's not all! For those in Tauranga, Hamilton, and Auckland, we offer the unique opportunity to schedule in-person practice classes after completing the online course. This hands-on experience in the stunning Bay of Plenty or other convenient locations provides you with real-world applications of the skills you've acquired. It's a chance to ask questions, receive personalized guidance, and practice your newfound knowledge in a supportive environment. Additionally, if you ever have questions or need clarification, you can schedule a Q&A call with me. Embark on this photography journey, and let's capture beautiful moments together!

499 NZD
+9 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Information Hub

Exposure Triangle
  • To use your Camera
  • To get sharp photos
  • To blur the background of your images
  • To freeze moving subjects
  • To get photos with silky water effect
  • To get car trails shots
  • To use your Camera in Manual Mode
  • Learn about Light
  • Composition Rules
  • Inspiration
  • Tips for better compositions
Editing (if added)
  • Basic Editing in Lightroom or Photoshop Camera Raw

  • Camera
  • Memory Card
  • Tripod (if you have one)
  • Laptop

The Wanderer Photographer



Coni is a Tauranga-based professional photographer who loves nature, hiking, and travelling. Her combined passions took her across Asia to pursue creative photography projects that were subsequently exhibited in New Zealand.

An experienced instructor with a teaching background and a bachelor’s degree in primary education, Coni founded The Wanderer Photographer to share her years of experience in photography with those keen to learn.