Painting with your camera By Judy Stokes

Learn how to create stunning and unique Intentional Camera Movements images with talented Judy Stokes. She will travel all the way from Northland to run this 2-day workshop and teach us the techniques to paint with our cameras and all the post production work afterwards!

Edit Your Photos

You will learn how to use basic panels, colour correction, light correction, the tone curve, colour grading, converting to black and white, using brushes and graduated filters, and much more!

Long Exposure

You will learn how, when, and where you can capture beautiful long exposure effects, as well as the required equipment and techniques involved in taking these amazing photos!


You will learn how, when, and where to capture the Milky Way, how to take photos of the moon, how to do star trails, how to plan and edit your photos, and much more!

The Wanderer Photographer



Coni is a Tauranga-based professional photographer who loves nature, hiking, and travelling. Her combined passions took her across Asia to pursue creative photography projects that were subsequently exhibited in New Zealand.

An experienced instructor with a teaching background and a bachelor’s degree in primary education, Coni founded The Wanderer Photographer to share her years of experience in photography with those keen to learn.