Introduction to Photography

Welcome to our hybrid course! This unique learning experience combines the convenience of online video lessons and exercises with the interactivity of live Zoom meetings. Each week, you’ll receive engaging video content and corresponding exercises to delve into at your own pace.

But that’s not all – we value hands-on learning, so we’ll have two exciting half-day practice sessions! During these sessions, we’ll put into action everything we’ve learned throughout the course. It’s a chance to capture stunning shots, explore creativity, and receive real-time feedback from our expert mentors.

Additionally, we’ll gather for weekly Zoom meetings where you can ask questions, share insights, and connect with fellow photography enthusiasts. Get ready for a holistic learning journey that combines the best of both worlds – online convenience and in-person practice!


Small Group

This course is designed for individuals who appreciate the benefits of learning in small, intimate groups. We understand the value of personalised assistance and the approachability of our tutors.


Support Material

We provide videos of all the subjects, access to the presentation, work sheets, and we are happy to assist you with advice and feedback during the length of the course.


Hybrid Course

This unique learning experience combines the convenience of online video lessons and exercises for you to practice at home. At the end of each week we will have a group Zoom Call to answer questions and give feedback. During the course we will meet 2 mornings to shoot and practice all you will learn!


This workshop is exclusively designed for beginners who are eager to embark on their photography journey. If you've just started exploring the world of photography or have little to no prior experience, this course is perfect for you. We believe that everyone has the potential to capture stunning images, and our goal is to provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to kickstart your photography passion. Throughout the workshop, you'll receive step-by-step guidance, hands-on practice, and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Our focus is on creating a comfortable and supportive environment where you can learn at your own pace and gain the confidence to unleash your creative potential. Let's begin this exciting adventure together and unlock the wonders of photography!

1,097 NZD (Payments can be arranged)
Online and in-Person
9 Weeks
27th of September - 25th of November

Frequently Asked Questions

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Worried about what to bring? See our frequently asked questions below!

Exposure Triangle
  • To use your Camera
  • To get sharp photos
  • To blur the background of your images
  • To freeze moving subjects
  • To get photos with silky water effect
  • To get car trails shots
  • To use your Camera in Manual Mode
  • Learn about Light
  • Composition Rules
  • Inspiration
  • Tips for better compositions
Editing (if added)
  • Basic Editing in Lightroom or Photoshop Camera Raw

Learn about your Camera (+ Q&A group session at the end of the week)
Learn how to get your photos in focus (+ Q&A group session at the end of the week)
Light and Light Meter (+ Q&A group session)
Manual Mode
Manual Mode (+ Q&A group session)
Practical Day Out on the 4th of November
Practical Day Out 18th of November
Editing (+ Q&A group session)
Dinner together + certificates 25th of November

  • Camera
  • Memory Card
  • Tripod (if you have one)
  • Laptop
  • We can lend you a camera and tripod for the length of the course

The Wanderer Photographer



Coni is a Tauranga-based professional photographer who loves nature, hiking, and travelling. Her combined passions took her across Asia to pursue creative photography projects that were subsequently exhibited in New Zealand.

An experienced instructor with a teaching background and a bachelor’s degree in primary education, Coni founded The Wanderer Photographer to share her years of experience in photography with those keen to learn.