Capture the details That show your unique vision of the world Learn Photography Share your concept of beauty

Small Groups

Learn better in small groups of maximum 6 people

Great Educators

Be taught by great photographers with teaching background

Student for Life

Become part of our community and be invited to social events and keep in touch through our Facebook Group

We value your time

Invest only 1 day and learn everything on one go!

“Our photography workshops are designed for all kinds of Lerners, we make sure we use a broad range of teaching resources that will make your learning process more effective. All workshops have theoretical and practical modules.

We believe that anyone can take amazing photos and we are committed to give you the tools and provide you the knowledge you need to achieve them!”

-Coni Flores,  Founder of The Wanderer Photographer 

Photography Workshops in Tauranga

Photography Workshops Outside Tauranga

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