Small Group

Small groups of maximum of 6 people

Support Material

We provide notes and access to the online presentation. Also, we are happy to assist you with advice and feedback in ongoing basis


Get access to our private facebook group and become part of the community! Be invited to special events, meet ups, get discounts, and be part of cool projects!

1-day Commitment

Learn all you need to know in one day! We value your time and energy and we truly believe, that this is the best way to learn the basics of photography!

Are you a Beginner photographer living in Tauranga? This workshop is for you!

This workshop is designed for people who would like to learn how to use their cameras in Manual Mode. You will learn all the basics you need to start your photography journey right after you leave this class!

You will learn how to take fast photos (for birds and sports), how to do long exposures (capturing movements) and how to get a blurry background!

Moreover, we will teach you composition rules so you have the knowledge you need to take stunning images!

Extra Information

Level: Beginner (Don’t need to know anything in advance)

  • Tauranga
  • Hamilton
  • Rotorua

10:00 – 16:00

$150 NZD


Exposure Triangle

  • Light Meter
  • Aperture
  • ISO
  • Shutter Speed


  • Autofocus
  • Manual Focus
  • Focusing Areas
  • Focusing Modes


  • Leveling
  • Grid Lines
  • Composition Rules

  • Theoretical
  • Practical


Theoretical module we will learn:

  • Exposure Triangle
  • Light meter
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • How light works
  • How to take fast photos
  • How to take long exposure photos

Practical Module – Time to have fun!

In this module we will practice all we learned in the theoretical module.

You can bring a packed lunch or buy something from the coffee shops

We will have some time to practice what we learned but this time more free

In this module we will learn:

  • How to use autofocus
  • How to use manual focus
  • Focusing areas
  • Focusing modes
  • Composition rules

This last part is to practice what we just learned about composition. Then at the end of the workshop we will have a cup of tea and will share the photos we took

Your teachers

Coni Flores

Professional Photographer | Founder

Coni is a Tauranga-based professional photographer. She loves nature, hiking and travelling. She has carried out photography projects in Asia and has exhibited her work in New Zealand.

Coni has a teaching background and a bachelor's degree in primary education. She loves teaching and sharing her passion for photography with others, that's why she founded The Wanderer Photographer. She designs and runs some of the workshops and also does private lessons in the Bay of Plenty.

Imran Shaikh

Tutor and Quality Control

Imran is a System Engineer & Website Designer by profession and photography is his passion! Imran has teaching qualification and almost a decade of teaching experience.
His tech expertise coupled with his experience using modern photography applications is the best combination for our workshops.

He runs some of the workshops as well as controlling and improving the quality of them so all kinds of learners have a great experience with us!

    What to bring

    • Camera
    • Charged Batteries
    • Empty memory card
    • Lunch
    • Tripod (only if you have one)

    Don't have a camera? We lend you one at no extra cost

    Dates Available


    • 27th of February
    • 27th of March
    • 29th of May
    • 31st of July


    • 20th of March


    • 13th of February
    • 17th of April

    Get in touch!

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    Terms and Conditions


    • Cancelations due to Covid-19 level 3 or 4 will be fully refunded
    • Cancelations due health conditions of the host of the workshop will be fully refunded
    • In both of the above, the workshop will be postponed until a new date and flexibility of rebooking on another date will be offered if spaces available


    Due to the nature of our business and that we work in small groups cancellations affect us significantly and we apply a strict non negotiable cancellation policy.

      • The Wanderer Photographer Ltd reserve the right to cancel due to weather conditions and not the client, if we do cancel you are given an alternative date to attend and the option for a refund.
      • In the event that the student booked for the workshop does not turn up no refund or alternative date will be given.
      • No refund will be given if attendee cancels within 7 days of the workshop date, outside of this time frame an alternative workshop date is given
      • If attendee cancels between 10 and 7 days of the workshop date, 50% will be refunded
      • If attendee cancels before 10 days, will be entitled to a full refund.
      • We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a workshop if the number of bookings for that workshop falls below 4 students
      • No cash refunds are given
      • Any cancellations inside of our 7 day cancellation time frame can only be rebooked by our office and cannot be booked by the client through the booking system
      • Please note some of our Workshops are subject to a NO Refund policy.

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