Spring in Hamilton

Would you like the opportunity to practice your photography skills in an outdoor setting?
We will have access to a private property lined with stunning cherry blossom trees for a period of two hours.


Small Group

We only teach small groups or one-on-one in order to ensure your individual learning needs are met through personalised attention.


Compositions & Framing

Use the cherry blossom trees to frame your scene! Add depth by including objects in the foreground of your composition.


Expand Your Creativity

Take advantage of this opportunity to surround yourself with inspiration and exercise your creativity in a unique and beautiful setting!


Join us for this 2-hour practice session in one of the best locations to capture blooming cherry blossoms in New Zealand. Practice your photography skills with a tutor on-site and expand your creativity by surrounding yourself with inspiration!

150 NZD
2 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about what you'll be practicing during this session? Worried about what to bring?
See our frequently asked questions below!

  • Focusing
  • Composition and framing
  • Storytelling
  • Creativity

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Charged batteries
  • Props for the shoot

The Wanderer Photographer



Coni is a Tauranga-based professional photographer who loves nature, hiking, and travelling. Her combined passions took her across Asia to pursue creative photography projects that were subsequently exhibited in New Zealand.

An experienced instructor with a teaching background and a bachelor’s degree in primary education, Coni founded The Wanderer Photographer to share her years of experience in photography with those keen to learn.