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Train Route

Posted by Wandererphotographer On March - 16 - 2010

India mapped  rail route

Handy when there is no cyber cafe near by & you want to change your Travel schedule based on trains information .. Dialing 131 these time is very cumbersome & limits information try this article ::: Route map with table number (http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/tag/PDF/Route%20map.pdf)

Train Help from all India to any part of India…

Courtesy India Railways..

Train route India

Above Image maps whole India on rail routes.

Step -2 Spot Your Destination to reach that route you will get route numbers ( They are actually table numbers you have to search for )


step 3- Go to Indian railway web site


Under table number select the table number as given in above route map.

The Pdf will give you detailed view of all the trains in that route , departure times , all stops , week schedule , all stops everything that you can enquire about train ( Other than present availability of the seats in a particular train .. for that visit www.indianrail.gov.in or www.irctc.co.in )

Based on the table you can plan your trip accordingly as to which all place to visit , which train to take .. even when you are booking tickets while traveling this pdf will be very handy )

I used it especially when I have to change my plan during my journey . I planned for a south India Trip for kodaikanal – Madurai –Rameshwaram- kannayakumari – kovalam – allpy – coimbatore – ooty – Bangalore – kochi with my mom & dad , I had to alter my travel plans many times because of many reasons like .. not knowing the place perfectly , sometime it took longer time because of crowd ,inaccessibility of some place , some places were so great that we spend more time that planned ( that’s what the traveling means spending time where your heart says so without thinking of anything else), this documents were very handy that time just 3 table print out & I had all information about trains ..sometime I took bus routes because of no proper trains at the time I wanted .. but this document was very very useful for me . I recommend you to have it anyways Indian government is publishing it for free on there site.


I want to reach kanniyakumari & presently I am in coimbatore . from the travel map I can see trains which reach kanniyakumari are route number are 70 , 26 ,86 ( 26 & 86 being major route ) ,


now my present destination I can see route 86 which covers kerala major parts or I can go till thrisur to catch route 26 , depends on your  choice the route you want to travel . lets suppose I choose route 86, I go to web page



Coimbatore-Kanniyakumari  Information – From the Above chart I can find that I can take a train 6626 which will depart at 6.30 & will reach at 18.06 , seeing at the chart I can also find that if I want to go via triruvananthapuram there at 3 trains i.e at 7.55 ,7.55 , 2.06 . also train from kanniyakumari will start at 6.03 so I can spend evening at triruvananthapuram so I can plan my triruvananthapuram visit  accordingly.

Take a print out of this table , even if you donot use it at least keep it in your badge , you never know when you are in need when no internet café’s are near by .

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